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Release Party!

August 31, 2008

La Compilothèque, 50 Quai des Péniches à Bruxelles.

Beers! Records!

Everybody welcome!

7pm sharp! 8pm: Fonovic / Larkin Grimm

(Affiche Serena Emiliani)


Factory of Happiness

August 30, 2008

Spending time to print in a humid basement sleeves (red ones, green ones, one layer, two layers), therefore much time to complain about irritating ads in cinemas and absurd gender orientated marketing strategies.

Love was in the air(waves) today

August 26, 2008

Benjamin Franklin’s ‘La Pente’ in L’étranger radio show today. Heard while driving Chaussée de Mons at 4pm and the world suddenly looked friendly.

Listen to the show (well, as soon as Kosten Koper decides to post it):


August 22, 2008

Après quelques semaines qui se sont vite transformées en mois, le 45 tours de Benjamin Franklin est enfin arrivé, arrivée fêtée en toute indignité à La Régence.

And waiting still

August 18, 2008

for funny germans who think 10 is 4