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The Sound Projector

May 24, 2009


Two days ago, mudboy was in London and recorded a show with Ed Pinsent from The Sound Projector. Here is the result.


Rendez-vous, manqués ou non.

May 22, 2009


Back in time: 3 days ago, two italian friends visited Brussels. Both are designers and one of them will hopefully work in a near future  on a t-shirt for Lexi. Histoire à suivre.

Otherwise: The Rebel single is still planned for June. Unfortunately, The Rebel won’t make it to Brussels. Neither anywhere else live in fact. A pity since his last show at La Compilothèque last year in January was fantastic.

Time Issue: Music for Any Speed is out!

May 21, 2009


Mudboy arrived in Europe today. We spent a couple of hours home between the airport and the station, an intimate,  twisted and laid-back celebration of the new Lexi Disques release since he was tired and I am very sick and tired.

Music for Any Speed consists of 2 tracks – or maybe it’s just one. The sleeve is a poster designed by Raphael Lyon himself printed on newspaper. The artwork is both hilarious and anxiogenic. It is available from now. (Tonight at the Gangalai et Gourabai show first but we’ll think about a real release party later in June).

Country Roads

May 2, 2009


Back to the roots of the seven-inch. The Rebel also known as Ben Wallers has plans for a new album. In the meantime Lexi Discos will release a single  as a prelude. Planned for June.

“Souffrir avec précision c’est mieux savoir vivre mal”

Depuis quelques années l’écossais Ben R. Wallers se produit sous l’identité déviante de The Rebel. Lexi Disque sort son prochain single en annonce d’un album à venir.

Cet après-midi Komplot organise un concert 17 rue de la Senne et demain, le festival du film expérimental de Knokke EXPRMNTL renait de ses cendres pour une journée.