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October 24, 2009


(photo: Christian Lee

Self-promotion first: Le SUPI a publié un gentil papier sur le lexidisques dans son troisième numéro. Il y a quelques jours, Surreal Sound sur Radio Panik m’a laissé carte blanche, j’en ai bien profité merci Sean (bientôt peut-être le podcast sur ce site).

Next week I’m going to the Colour Out of Space festival in Brighton, following Buffle. Really excited about it. Talking about exciting, yesterday night at the Carlo Levi (Liège) with TG, members of Emeralds and James Ferraro was great, merci YG. Last week, I finally saw the documentary from Clémence Hébert, Le bateau du père: Hardcore and highly recommended.

I’m looking for someone who could bring records to Berlin in the following weeks. Please contact me to the ususal address ( if you’re eager to help Thanks!!!