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Amis communs

June 29, 2010

Karel made its first ball featuring Miss Martine, Daisuke Takaoka and the 2 fred playing in an appartment in the marolles of brussels, their release #2 called “field” is particularly nice even if i still don’t get who’s the musician; Goaty Tapes sent 3 beautiful cassettes including his own Banana Head project; on reste en famille, Nicolas sent Stochastic relases, Eagle Nebula and Ultra Detersivo on tapes as well as a second album for Mulan Serrico. A couple of weeks ago there was a Panik invasion at the Radio Campus birthday party where De Jaegermeister and i played NWOBHM records for 5 people – good fun though. Last Saturday Waikiki Walhalla played for the closing of the Halvenhalf space in Brussels, it was wonderful – intimate, funny and cute. Bongo Man played records and only the police could finally prevent him from laughing and dancing behind the decks. But sad too: Halvenhalf was a good spot run by dedicated people.

In the lexi prehistory chapter: strange feelings when watching this video of  master Benjamin Franklin.

(merci Boontje)