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twists in my sobriety

November 23, 2010

alors alors… on s’est bien amusé à londres au LAFMS et puis au 10 ans de l’employé du moi une semaine après à paris. i missed noveller at the dna (brussels) and then Moemlien in Ghent which made me sad, really. Radioactivities festival celebrates the 30th anniversary of independant radios in belgië (panik, campus, 48fm, air libre, radio centraal, etc), you already missed john carpenter’s ‘the fog’ and excellent documentaries on radio plein sud and centraal at the nova cinema. more coming soon. i’ll play records at the panik party next friday (44 rue d’artois à bruxelles, àpd 21h00) and tg picked a very beautiful dj name for me at his concert du néant absolu et de la mort #1. i’m supposed to work on a new 7-inch and we’re ashamedly late.