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En fanfare

February 25, 2011

(flyer: tg)

I was silently working all these weeks on various things including a new 7-inch (yes, it’s a running gag). Supposed release date: 15 of April. There will be a party and this will be the perfect moment to celebrate the union of Pneu and Lexi.

Aussi: Les Concerts du néant Absolu et de la Mort and Les Disques Lexi préparent une belle soirée interculturelle. It will be amazing, there are still surprises to come.

DREAM BEVERLY HILLS (Liège, Young Girls)
Nappes électroniques

JEAN-PHILIPPE GROSS (de Moselle et du quartier)
Nouveau Synthétiseur

+DJs Yves Billet (l’autre prince de Liège), Basilique de Koekelberg (la noblesse du coeur) and friends

5 EUROS / from 9 PM