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The Rebel is out! (And mudboy too)

June 19, 2009


On Monday night, DJ Guerrilla Stoemp played excellent indie records, Hyena opened the show pour le plaisir des petits et des grands, Head Of Wantastiquet was brilliant, mudboy did a very good show and Paul Labrecque joined him at the end of his set,  offering the best moment of the evening. Was a highly pleasant release party to me, I must say. Thanks to everyone who showed up. 

So from now on, mudboy and The Rebel 7-inches should be available in your local store (at least in Brussels) and distros. Or will be. Or as usual, please contact me and I’ll send it directly to your burrow. I also have a couple of mudboy ‘Hungry Ghosts’ home for distro, so you can contact me if you want it (12 eur). It’s a great great album.

Otherwise Vital Weekly published a nice review.


Monday 15 June: Double release party!

June 11, 2009


Big in Grussels

June 1, 2009


(Picture: mudboy, zaal belgië, saturday night)

Tonight mudboy is playing with lightning bolt in rotterdam. Providence?

On the 15th, I plan making a release party for the single that is just out on Lexi.  It will take place in de ex-student (76 rue des palais) with a concert of mudboy and a couple of dj’s. But few things are settled so far…

The Sound Projector

May 24, 2009


Two days ago, mudboy was in London and recorded a show with Ed Pinsent from The Sound Projector. Here is the result.

Time Issue: Music for Any Speed is out!

May 21, 2009


Mudboy arrived in Europe today. We spent a couple of hours home between the airport and the station, an intimate,  twisted and laid-back celebration of the new Lexi Disques release since he was tired and I am very sick and tired.

Music for Any Speed consists of 2 tracks – or maybe it’s just one. The sleeve is a poster designed by Raphael Lyon himself printed on newspaper. The artwork is both hilarious and anxiogenic. It is available from now. (Tonight at the Gangalai et Gourabai show first but we’ll think about a real release party later in June).