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In an ideal world

May 1, 2011

This week DJ Dog Dick and his young friend Sewn Leather are playing at the Student café in Brussels. Dream Beverly Hills is at the DNA and Karel opens its yearly ball on Wednesday with Eric Thielemans (if you want to know where, you can contact me). Duby made me a brand new site because i’m totally spastic when it comes to do something decent visually. Speaking of which I will spend next weekend in Den Haag printing t-shirts with City Hands. We’ll close this hopefully productive weekend with a JD Emmanuel concert.

Still cutting sleeves and loving it.


Common ground: Anne Laplantine ‘I send you a MP3’ is out!

April 5, 2011


I’m very proud and happy to announce the release of a new single on Lexi!

Anne Laplantine is a french electronic composer active since the late nineties, also known as Michiko Kusaki and Angelika Köhlermann. She also have a fantastic netlabel.

Release party will take place at la Compilothèque in Brussels on the 15th of April. It’s the right time to announce the union between Pneu and Lexi and it’s the first time we organize a party together. Anne Laplantine will draw (but won’t be on stage), Welttraumforscher will sing, Sunny Disposition and Madame Patate will play and Die Tochter and the crew will dj. It will be a happy and sweet evening.

Soirée Kinder 3 en 1: Une fête, une nouvelle sortie et une union. Le nouveau single Lexi est signé Anne Laplantine. Gwénola Carrère a fait la pochette (et enfin un logo!), mix master Fred A. s’est occupé du son, c’est le premier disque qui sort sous la bannière Lexi/Pneu, il est à la croisée des chemins. Anne Laplantine va dessiner, il y aura des concerts et de la musique et des cocktails! La bonne ambiance!

Les liens de circonstances:

Please note it’s an early evening party! Concerts will begin early too!