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Love Boat Antwerpen

March 13, 2012

flyer by Matthew P. Hopkins


Goon House is out!

February 5, 2012

Edition of 125 / artwork Zully Adler / printing Emmanuel Gonay.

Zully Adler from Banana Head is probably coming to Belgium this week, just on time to see James Ferraro playing at the Ateliers Claus. Official release party is on the 17th of March at the Scheld’apen thanks to the Kraak crew.
Serena is turning 30! B-day party is at the Midpoint café in Brussels this friday, i will be djing with other friends all night long. Feel free to join!

Burn the wish

January 2, 2012

In 2011, les Disques Lexi joined the Pneu crew for good, had a new website (by master Duby – and btw his new album under the moniker Jesus is My Son is beautiful), made t-shirts and bags with City Hands / Manuel Padding, organised a couple of shows with friends, was the female guest of Lo-fi Stories – i guess i love being with people after all – and released 1 (one!) record. I know. Hopefully, 2012 will focus again on this last part. First release to come is by Banana Head / Zully Adler, the young man behind the Goaty Tapes label. He’ll be around in Europe in Spring and i guess we’ll have a chance to see him playing at that time. Pneu is back in business too: after a couple of years of brilliant parties, a record is on its way. We survived the end of the year celebrations, we can enjoy the night again: On Thursday, Popol Gluant and Mulan Serrico are playing at the Student and Dream Beverly Hills takes his turn at the Hectoliter Galerij on Saturday. At the end of this month, Radio Panik is back at Recyclart!