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Burn the wish

January 2, 2012

In 2011, les Disques Lexi joined the Pneu crew for good, had a new website (by master Duby – and btw his new album under the moniker Jesus is My Son is beautiful), made t-shirts and bags with City Hands / Manuel Padding, organised a couple of shows with friends, was the female guest of Lo-fi Stories – i guess i love being with people after all – and released 1 (one!) record. I know. Hopefully, 2012 will focus again on this last part. First release to come is by Banana Head / Zully Adler, the young man behind the Goaty Tapes label. He’ll be around in Europe in Spring and i guess we’ll have a chance to see him playing at that time. Pneu is back in business too: after a couple of years of brilliant parties, a record is on its way. We survived the end of the year celebrations, we can enjoy the night again: On Thursday, Popol Gluant and Mulan Serrico are playing at the Student and Dream Beverly Hills takes his turn at the Hectoliter Galerij on Saturday. At the end of this month, Radio Panik is back at Recyclart!


En fanfare

February 25, 2011

(flyer: tg)

I was silently working all these weeks on various things including a new 7-inch (yes, it’s a running gag). Supposed release date: 15 of April. There will be a party and this will be the perfect moment to celebrate the union of Pneu and Lexi.

Aussi: Les Concerts du néant Absolu et de la Mort and Les Disques Lexi préparent une belle soirée interculturelle. It will be amazing, there are still surprises to come.

DREAM BEVERLY HILLS (Liège, Young Girls)
Nappes électroniques

JEAN-PHILIPPE GROSS (de Moselle et du quartier)
Nouveau Synthétiseur

+DJs Yves Billet (l’autre prince de Liège), Basilique de Koekelberg (la noblesse du coeur) and friends

5 EUROS / from 9 PM

21/02/2010: Est-ce que tu viens pour les vacances? TG 7-inch release party

February 15, 2010



Next Sunday, Lexi relase party at the Viaduc!!

From 5pm / A partir de 17h / Vanaf 5 u – free booze, free music, free range party

18h00: TG concert

Christophe Piette DJ set

Where is the Viaduc? Rue du Viaduc in Brussels (Ixelles) not far away from Place Fernand Coq (i don’t know the number but it’s the café Romy between Rue Van Aastraat and Rue du College).

Country Roads

May 2, 2009


Back to the roots of the seven-inch. The Rebel also known as Ben Wallers has plans for a new album. In the meantime Lexi Discos will release a single  as a prelude. Planned for June.

“Souffrir avec précision c’est mieux savoir vivre mal”

Depuis quelques années l’écossais Ben R. Wallers se produit sous l’identité déviante de The Rebel. Lexi Disque sort son prochain single en annonce d’un album à venir.

Cet après-midi Komplot organise un concert 17 rue de la Senne et demain, le festival du film expérimental de Knokke EXPRMNTL renait de ses cendres pour une journée.

Back for good

April 21, 2009


Chaotic month of April.

Mudboy single is now almost ready and should be available from the 21st of May.

Another single could follow pretty quickly after mudboy’s.

Present time

March 27, 2009


First of all, at the personal level, I’ve just lost my job one week ago. Crisis time (they say)… A good thing for my projects though. 

Tonight, there are concerts at the Bokal Royal incl. Unicorn Hard-On (123 rue Royale, Bruxelles). Talking about unicorns I saw a fantastic print of a unicorn 2 weeks ago at La Boucherie Moderne. These last weeks, I bump into unicorns too often (last one was fluo green). Disturbing.  Tomorrow, I’m in Italy again so I won’t be easily reachable.

Otherwise: Soon there will be copies of “La Pente” available from Twisted Knister in Bremen.

Ce 26 avril de 11h à 19h, brocante de vêtements chez Pénélope (Chaussée de Haecht 140 à Bruxelles). La nourriture est souvent top et abordable. Buffle et Jumbo Jet ( ) y joueront à partir de 15h00 – c’est gratuit. J’y serai avec mes disques de Benjamin Franklin, 2 semaines trop tôt pour la sortie du prochain 45 tours Lexi (si tout va bien). 

(Illustratie: Bedankt Pieter voor het geschenk)

Les gagnants choisissent les gagnants

March 8, 2009


Peaceful Sunday as Kraak Festival ended up in an invisible chaos nourished by liters of beer and a bunch of rendez-vous manqués. These days I got a serious crush on Kurt Vile’s songs. Ce soir à la Filature, concert de Panther. La semaine prochaine, pas mal de films au festival Off Screen du Nova et vendredi, il y a une soirée prometteuse à la Compilothèque.


August 22, 2008

Après quelques semaines qui se sont vite transformées en mois, le 45 tours de Benjamin Franklin est enfin arrivé, arrivée fêtée en toute indignité à La Régence.

And waiting still

August 18, 2008

for funny germans who think 10 is 4